Cat Found w/ Tape Wrapped Around Its Paws


Staff Writer

On January 9, in Santa Clarita, California, sheriff deputies saw a suspicious car that was behind a business that was closed. They had stopped and began to search the car. Inside, the deputies had found narcotics. Other than the drugs being found in the car, the sheriff deputies also began to hear a cat meowing.

The car belonged to a 26 year -old woman, and with her was her 23 year-old boyfriend. While in search for the meowing within the car, the sheriff deputies found a “cat carrier buried upside down” with the cat inside. The cat’s name was Lilly. One of the sheriff deputies was Adam Halloran, and this is what he stated when he and his partner found the cat: “It was not happy. That’s what was attracting our attention, something kind of calling to us.”

When an animal is in danger-any kind of animal- one can tell because animals give a certain noise when they are hurting or in pain. It is a very good thing the deputies had found the distraught feline, because who knows what could have happened to it if it was not found.

When the deputies found the cat, its paws, all four of them, were wrapped singly in duct tape, then its paws were placed together and was wrapped with even more duct tape. The cat was in “discomfort”, as the deputies began to remove the tape from its paws. Halloran then asked the owner why the feline was wrapped in duct tape. The woman said “because it had been scratching.” No animal should be treated like that just because of something like this. There could have been another way to prevent the cat from scratching, like getting it’s nails clipped or getting a scratching post to shorten its nails.

The woman and her boyfriend “faced drug and felony animal cruelty charges”, according to authorities. The feline was then taken to Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, and now they have also taken part of the case as well. In the end, hopefully Lilly gets adopted to a loving and caring family. A family that suits her needs and will treat like a member of the family.

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