All Star Candidates


Staff Writer

February 14, Sunday, will tip off the NBA’s 65th NBA All-Star game. It will take place at Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Lebron James leads the east in votes with 636,388. This will be Lebron’s 12th All-Star game out of his 13 seasons in the league. He also leads votes for back court candidates. On the other hand, Kobe Bryant leads not only the west, but all the candidates with a commanding 1,262,118 votes. This will be Kobe Bryant’s 17th All-Star game, and his last. This year’s game will be a one to remember with great talents like Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Paul George, returning to an All-Star game after his injury, and who can forget Stephen Curry. The quarters to watch will be the first 3 because the best players in the world are putting on a show for the audience. Ally-oops, step backs, crossovers, posterizations- you name it, and you will see it multiple times in these quarters. My personal favorite is the 4th quarter because some of the best athletes in the world go after each other and try to win. Match ups of the decade become a regular sighting- Kobe against Lebron or Irving against Leonard etc. You can also catch the dunk contest the day before or the skills challenge. Overall, the All-Star game will be a great game to catch, and you do not want to be the only person who misses that amazing dunk by Blake Griffin or that crossover by Westbrook.       

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