Day of the Dead


Staff Writer

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico and around the world. This holiday is about family coming together, praying and remembering  friends and family members who have passed away. It is celebrated on November second.

Day of the Dead is celebrated worldwide with many people; there are a lot of parades with this celebration and many dress up. Some of the celebrations take place in the actual cemetery with lots of food and toys for the dead. There are also   altars there to show respect and are full of color.

In the altars there are a lot of different types of foods. Some of the food that they  have in the altars are the classics like pan de muerto( type of bread they use for this celebration), enchiladas( tortillas with a sauce to go along with it and other sides dishes you could mix it up with), pozole( pork with hominy) , mole ( a sauce that can be spicy or sweet with chicken) ,sugar skulls, candied pumpkin,chocolate pumpkins and skulls, and atole( hot cup of masa gruel) . There are also offerings that they put in the altar so they dead can use to clean themselves up or on their journey to the other world.  Some of the offerings are also the four main elements of nature, water, earth, wind, and fire.They are represented with light weight objects. Some people make a trip to the cemetery or stay at home and make their  altars there  or they go to the cemetery and built it there and decorate it with all sorts of colors and flowers to show their respect for them and how they still remember them.

Day of the dead is a celebration for everyone to participate in.  I think it’s great that families participate in this to bring the memories back.

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