Staff Writer

DSC_0624Run they said, it will be fun they said. If someone ever tells you running is fun, please slap them.

Someone broke into my house the other day, and now my best friend is missing again. As any good friend would, I did probably the worst thing I possibly could have done. And yes, I did track down the kidnappers, and yes I was captured. I thought that since I was doing crossfit and a lot of running that I would be fine, but it turns out these people have top grade military gear. Never get into a war with people who have no care for the human life. Unfortunately I made that mistake and now my best friend, Izzy, and I are on the run.

As we stop behind a gas station in downtown Los Angeles to drink some water and catch our breath, we hear footsteps running in our direction, so we duck behind some of the boxes just laying around.

“Where did they go?” asked a scratchy voice.

“Man, I don’t know, maybe they kept running,” answered the tiny baby man.

We saw them shrug and then they kept running, the other way of our hiding spot. We ran towards the forest, and as soon as we stepped into the foliage, there was a snapping noise and up we went into a net. Our captors ran towards us and stopped as soon as they formed a circle raised their guns and shot. That was when I jolted awake.

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