Black Friday


Staff Writer

unnamedWhat is Black Friday? Black Friday is an event that is held the day after Thanksgiving. It is also known as the first day of traditional Christmas shopping, during which crowds of consumers are drawn to special offers by retailers.

Black Friday lands on Friday, November 27th, 2015. There are sales you cannot miss out on! This also is a kick off  to the holiday shopping season. A majority of the stores come out with ideas to attract early customers. Many customers will stand outdoors for hours until the store is opened up. Almost every store has items that are popular and everyone wants. In the past few years, stores began to start on Thanksgiving evening and some on Wednesday.

Retailers begin to publish their advertisements in the Thanksgiving newspaper, the week of Black Friday, or even late October/early November. Also, some stores would then have an additional Black Friday doorbuster item that is only revealed on their websites.

Some stores will have Black Friday sales online the same time as their in-store sales goes on. Amazon and Deals of America have a Black Friday sale going on as well. There are also many other Black Friday deals on other websites, too.

Black Friday can be dangerous because there are wild and crazy people in this world. People can fight over an item that they want. So stay safe!

Black Friday Tips:

-Park smart! You should always park where other stores are not having a Black Friday sales. Trying to find a parking in the store you are shopping at will take time, and you will miss out on being an early bird.

– Do Not take your children out! taking your children out on Black Friday can lead up to them getting lost in the crowds. They will complain that they are tired and want to go home, or they can be very energetic and will take up your shopping time.

– Trying buying items that would normally be pricey. If you buy expensive items they would cost less. Items to buy would be phones, televisions, computers, and other electronic that would cost a lot.

Stay safe and Happy Black Friday!


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