Tiny Homes


Staff Writer

unnamedBills, Bills, BIlls. They are the number one cause of stress, especially for those who are trying to balance school, a job, and life. Tiny homes are just what they sound like; all you need in an house, but regularly shrunken down to 65-140 square feet. Most homes have an open bedroom, kitchen, living area, and shower. They have all things needed for a home plus a storage space EVERYWHERE. Every inch of the home is used for one reason or another. They allow for those who are not in a great place financially to live with the necessities in life and not have to shell out too much money. Tiny homes are also small enough to transport across the country. Most homes just need a hookup for electricity and water. As long as you can find a hookup you can take your home anywhere, from the sunny beaches of California, to the open country of Alabama, to the busy streets of New York. Tiny homes are the latest craze!

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