The Effects After Surviving Ebola


Staff Writer

We all recognize the outbreak of ebola that occurred in Africa. It’s after effects are now being mentioned despite that they had already found a cure. Dr.Crozier described his perspective on his illness as a former Doctor treating in west Africa who then became treated himself after catching Ebola after developing a fever and a headache after he had arrived back to the U.S. and after becoming Ebola free. Forty days or more after treatment he faced the following symptoms: severe back pain, hearing loss, Tinnitus, seizures, and short term memory. Dr. Crozier was first sent to the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta where the treatment took six weeks with the failure of his kidneys and organs. Two months ago Dr. Crozier attended a wedding in England when suddenly he had a seizure and was prescribed a antiepileptic drug. Although he claims his most painful symptom was his loss of vision. His sight became blurry and out of both eyes, and his left eye gave him pain till the point where his eye color changed from blue to green. In Africa he heard that they had found a way to cure people who have had eye problems after Ebola. Although various amounts of patients found the virus in their eye it eventually healed for them, and Dr. Crozier’s eye healed back to its former self. Doctors were shocked to see his return with ebola found in his eye but Dr. Daniel Bausch , senior consultant of W.H.O. and infectious disease specialist at Tulane University, claims they are the only ones with the proper skill and equipment for the treatment. Some patients along with eye pain also have some uveitis and the result of hearing loss is brain inflammation or low blood pressure. Shocking results occur after Dr. Steven Yeh took a small about from the chamber of Dr.Crozier’s eye and find that the his eye was occupied with an alien or malevolent like substance. Doctors who treated Crozier slept in their guests rooms at home and avoided touching many things or people as for Crozier they discovered that except for when doctors perform surgery the spread of Ebola in his eye was not contagious when he teared up. They still have no clue what could really be damaging Dr. Crozier’s eye or whether they will be able to heal him.…/ac-intv-dr-ian-crozierebola-eye.cnn


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