School Show Pushing the Boundaries?


Staff Writer

El Diamante High School is the only school that contains their own personal show that they show weekly in each homeroom. However, the show is known to be brushing across controversial topics and slang. This show, known as Ed Hews, is very popular throughout the school. However this show may be offending some students and teachers as well.

Mrs. Fjelstrom is a speech and English teacher at El Diamante High School who has agreed to share her views on the school show.  

Do you believe Ed Hews is, in any way, controversial or insensitive?

“I believe it is both. I have been told by a student in Ed Hews that they are purposely testing the boundaries of what they are putting in. But there are as well many positive in the show as well!”

How do you feel about students watching Ed Hews with your views on it?

“I have a difficult time with it because students don’t have a choice on whether or not to watch it. As well, in some circumstances it may not be suitable material for people their age.”

Do you believe Ed Hews should be monitored on controversial slang or comments?

“I believe that the integrity of the program should not need to be monitored, because I believe it should be strong enough.”

What bothers you the most on Ed Hews?

“I want the program to be strong enough, and not to be clouded by inappropriate material. The students have so much potential and they could do so much more than show what they do now.”

As can be concluded, the Ed Hews show can be interpreted as “pushing the boundaries”. Although, Mrs. Fjelstrom did state that there are some positives, but maybe instead of focusing on the “dramatic/inappropriate” information, it should contain more positive and informational text.

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