Pluto is Alive

Pluto is Alive


Staff Writer

On July of 2015, Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft  made a historical flyby near the dwarf planet Pluto. not to long ago, scientists believed it to be a planet and eventually just a rock that accidentally landed on the solar system. Images released by Nasa demonstrate blue skies, similar to ours in the day when the  sun shines upon our planet. Although scientists found particles in Pluto’s  atmosphere that are actually red and grey, Pluto is surprisingly proven to have Earth – like features, but scientists have still neither confirmed nor denied existence of living organisms on the dwarf planet. Whether there is life on the planet or not, it may be the start of a new earth planet that we can witness. The blue patches on the planet present the water ice formed which researcher Carly Howlett claims that, “[the] blue tint tells us about the size and composition of the haze particles”. It could also be assumed that when enough sunlight or heat has reached the dwarf planet, it could be possible that the ice could expand and melt similar to the stage of the meltdown that occurred billions of years ago. Scientists are excited by Pluto’s “blue skies” as it leads to water and from water to life of living organisms. For years Nasa has been trying to discover and study every planet and solar system that may perhaps hold human life as ourselves, which thus discovery of Pluto has really astonished not only scientists but citizens who have heard of the news. Although scientists are struggling to understand what great amount of sunlight is hitting Pluto, considering its distance from the sun, where Pluto’s outer level was discovered with blue skies. Although as scientists zoomed in, they found red ice which turned the tables of expectations for scientists who were in search for Earth-like planets. In the meantime scientists have set their minds to discovering more about Pluto’s red ice and it is most likely for a chance of life.


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