New Spanish Teacher, Mr.Cavale


Staff Writer

This year, El Diamante has gained more new teachers. One of them is Mr. Cavale. Once a college professor, he is now teaching both Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 here at El D. This week, he has taken the time to have this interview.

How was your first couple of weeks at El Diamante?

“Sometimes stressful, but definitely enjoyable. Exciting, you know just a new job, new students, new relationships. Coaching, as well. Coaching water polo. That added just another element of staying busy, but liking what i’m doing.

How many years have you been teaching?

“Well this is technically my second year teaching at a high school level. I taught five years before this at college level”.

Is there any other subjects you have taught?

“English and english as a second language”.

Why did you decide to teach?

“Well, I enjoyed my spanish classes and I spent some time living abroad and that’s what kind of got me into spanish, and then after I graduated, I really didn’t know what i wanted to do, so I went to grad school. I did my masters in linguistics and as a result of that you kind of continue down the road for a PHD or you can just get right into teaching. There’s really not much to do in that field outside of teaching. I started teaching spanish and english and english as a second language and yeah”.

Why do you like teaching this subject?

“So, I like teaching spanish. I think first and foremost because spanish was always my favorite class, in high school and college, and because they are my favorite classes, I wanted to take more and I ended up majoring in it, and because they were all my favorite classes had to do with the fact that they were taught by my favorite teachers and something I wanted to emulate as a teacher myself, and so I started teaching spanish and trying to recreate that exciting learning a foreign language experience that I had”.

In the end, El Diamante has been joined by many new teachers. The school year will go on and there are new ways of learning these new teachers bring to the table. If your see any new teacher don’t forget to say hi to them. One “Hi” can make their day.


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