Moon’s Mysterious Magnetic Field


Staff Writer

In the field of science, you will be caught by surprise to know that scientists do not know the reason for every finding they come upon and might never end up understanding after so many tries. Yet why have they not spent anytime with the resources they have to understand every working that could probably become the answer to another problem? The question is unanswered, but the information goes as far as to stating that over four billion years ago, a inner molten core whirled in the middle of the moon similar of that to Earth’s. Considering that other planets found are as well similar to the earth but too far of a distance away to get any samples, it has been a thought that the workings of the magnetic field could reveal that of other planets.The moon’s core was a much weaker version of a core compared to earth’s inner core. Surprisingly, results stated the moon’s magnetic field was able to generate a much stronger magnetic field than earth. However no one seems to know the reason for why or how this could possibly happen other then the assumptions of “magic” for the unknown set of variables of the moon. It is believed the moon made a move during a exotic method that astronomers did not not expect to last so long. Scientists claim the field disappeared around 3.8-4 billion years ago. More research is needed to figure out why this happened, but in the meantime scientists still believe the core consists of at least a small amount of liquid.

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