Million Man March

The_million_march_manby REINA ARISTA

Staff Writer

The Million Man March was held on October 10, 2015, and the rally celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.The Million Man March’s theme is “Justice or Else” and is expected to be the main event. Speakers encouraged citizens to share videos and images on social media to promote this.

Thousands of African Americans across the nation gather in remembrance of gaining civil rights and recent unarmed African American tragedies.The families who have lost loved ones asked the marchers to never forget Michael Brown,Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and several other victims. Louis Farrakhan specifically mentions the young protesters, Black Lives Matter, that they are the next leaders of the civil rights movement and asked old leaders to give their support. In addition Louis also mentions, “These are not just young people who happened to wake up one morning. All the brothers and sisters from Ferguson who laid in the streets, all the brothers and sisters who challenged the tanks, we are honored that you have come to represent our struggles and our demands.”

Danny K. Davis, a United States representative said the rally was, “A memorable day of the past struggles we’ve overcome.” Davis finishes with final goodbye by stating, “Today’s gathering is a reaffirmation of the faith that the dark past has taught us and of the hope the present has brought us.” People of all races came to this event and gave their support for the African American community. In hoping that one day their will be no judgement of skin.


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