Microbes May Reveal Colon Cancer Mutations


Staff Writer

In Baltimore there was a new study that microbes could reveal colon cancer. Green microbes are associated with certain DNA mutations in this type of cancer. Researchers have “ruled that microbes” are associated with numbers and different types of DNA mutations that cancer carries. The discovery was made by testing bacteria is growing forty-four colon cancer tumors as well as forty-four healthy tissue samples. Bacteria is still more likely to establish into the next cancer cell carrying specific mutations. Tumors with mutations add in one more sugar glucose, which can help the microbes get energy from other sources. It still remains unclear if bacteria can change in response to the cancer and in any way benefit growth of cells carrying convinced mutations. Colon tumors with more mutations had more of a distinct mix of bacteria or microbiomes than tumors. Specific bacteria are more likely to grow cancer cells carrying specific mutations. Mutations can also create different environments for bacteria to grow.


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