Harvest DJ


Staff Writer


Harvest was on October 17, 2015. The setup and atmosphere was cool, but the song choice from the DJ was okay in my opinion. On the other hand, everyone who talked about the DJ didn’t have anything good to say. The songs were really up beat like music you would hear at a rave, and the good songs he did play were old. He played a couple popular songs, but not the most requested songs such as Hotline Bling, 679, White Iverson, jumpman, etc. Also, some songs he played shouldn’t of even been played such as let it go the Frozen theme song. My group and groups around me stopped dancing and were disappointed in the song choice. No disrespect toward the DJ, I know he has guidelines to follow, but some people are debating not going to the next dance, and that wouldn’t be fun at all. Sooner or later in the future dances could become a distant memory. How I believe we should change the song choice is a website of songs appropriate to play and have your student body vote on it. The website can be on the back of the ticket so once you buy your ticket that day you can go home and vote for what you want to hear at the dance. This way everyone’s choices mix together to make a playlist everyone will like now not whining about the music focused on having fun like it should be. In addition, the DJ can also display his skills by mixing a couple of extra songs in between the requested songs like the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Mix that was played. Mixes like that are great because they’re people pleasers and they can extend the playlist for the long night ahead. In conclusion I believe that if we make this adjustment our dances will become a lot more popular and enjoyable for our student body. The dances could even be the most fond memory of a student’s high school career.                    

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