Football 10/23


Staff Writer

El Diamanté vs Redwood week is always a crazy one. Whether it is the trash talk on social media or the funny videos made by both schools, the students get into it every year. It is one of the biggest rivalries in the valley. By the time Friday night came, everyone was pumped and eager to watch the teams finally face off again. The Miners, who were coming off of a win, came out strong with a lead of 14-7 at halftime. Both touchdowns were scored by short 3-yard run ins from junior quarterback, Joey Vink, and senior running back, Keylan Liles. The Miners kept their momentum going after the second half, running all over Redwood’s defense. In the third quarter, Keylan and his power offense took the ball all the way down to the one yard line, where he scored his second touchdown of the night. In the fourth, the offense marched down the field again and finished the game with another 3-yard touchdown to make their win set in stone.

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