3 Year Old Dies


Staff Writer

For years now we have been trying to make gun control laws, but only for the reason that shootings have occurred in public areas due to emotional rage. Although for those who go against Gun Control laws, specifically of the suggestion of removing all weapons, now have another reason to be afraid. Recently in South Carolina police investigations are becoming viral over the death of a three year old boy. In their home in Suburban Charlotte, SC the three year old, Savion Barrow, was home with his mother, his mother’s adult friend, and ten year old sister. His mother explained to the Rock Hill Police Department of the incident explaining that Barrow was in his mother’s bedroom when he fired the semi-automatic handgun at himself, and his mother claimed she had been in the bedroom watching television along with her friend when she heard the gunshot and once turning around she saw he was on the bed with the gun. His father was not home and as for his sister, she was claimed to have been  in another part of the home. Barrow was rushed to the Piedmont Medical Center where they tried to save his life, but was later pronounced dead from the incident. Barrow’s situation is not the first, therefore, it has a high impact on gun control laws and what changes should later be enforced.




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