The Supernatural


Staff Writer

Throughout the years many people believe in the supernatural and many have said that they have seen some supernatural beings.

There have been complaints about them for the longest time in history, but they could be real or just in our heads. People say they can’t be explained to why or why not they exist, but there are many stories to prove that they do and that there are eyewitnesses to the stories.  

I believe that the paranormal do exist, that they are among us. After you die, you stay on earth and roam where no one can see you, or only some can.  They can be anywhere and you might not even know or you can feel them around you.

There has been many studies that involved testing for their existence. Like when a room gets colder and you can sense that you are not alone.

There are a lot of books and movies that seem to involve anything paranormal and many documentaries that tell stories of people who have experienced it or are either made up, but many people seem to believe in it and there are even people who deal with them as their job. The people with those jobs try to get rid of them from someone’s house  or from anywhere, and try to help anyone who needs it, and try to help one understand what is going on.

The supernatural is something that just about everyone has heard about, and many people believe in it, like I do, and believe that there might be something out there that many don’t even know about.

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