Starbucks Controversy


Staff Writer


IMG_4171Who would have thought a coffee cup could cause such a commotion based on its appearance? It seems as though Starbucks has, when deciding to ditch their old Christmas designed cup into a simple red cup. There has been quite an abundance of commotion due to this switch, which I find stupid to even talk about, knowing that this is just a cup. In addition, the lengths people have taken to protest against Starbucks is completely ridiculous.

One way of protesting that has been shared on social media is customers buying their cup of joe and drawing their own Christmas decals or even stating that their name is “Merry Christmas”. Oh gosh, this method is more comical than serious. First of all, the people doing this are still buying from Starbucks, which defeats the whole purpose right there and as long as customers are still buying I doubt Starbucks cares if people doodle on them.

If you really are upset with Starbucks decision, here is your quick fix: get your coffee somewhere else! For instance, AMPM has some pretty cute Christmas themed cups for your coffee, plus it is cheaper! However, if you are a die hard fan of Starbucks then you gotta suck it up because it is literally just a cup that you will throw away once you are done with your drink.

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