Saddle Week


Staff Writer
Saddle is a big week for El Diamante High School especially this year. If the football team does not win this week, they do not go to playoffs, and also will lose the saddle for two years in a row. If that happens, this season will be the most disappointing season El D’s has had in a long time. So this week we are showing school spirit with our dress up days hoping that our energy will carry over to Friday. This year’s game should be a close one too. El D beat Redwood, and Golden West lost to them. On the other hand, El D lost to Mt Whitney, and Golden West just recently beat them. So this year’s game will be a coin flip and we will only know the winner by waiting until the end of the game. I recommend you go to this game due to the environment and atmosphere this wonderful school is going to bring to the student section. Screaming from the top of your lungs and having a good time with good people. Also it would not be bad to meet new friends who are as loud and crazy as you are, Especially if you missed the Redwood game because games like these will be something you remember about your high school career, guaranteed. Even more so if we win to storm the field and celebrate with. Overall I am excited for what saddle week has in store and hoping it is full of great memories.     

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