Saddle Parade


Staff Writer

We did it! The saddle is home! What better way to celebrate than to have everyone come out during homeroom to see the saddle make its way around campus and have a party with everyone after. The El Diamante varsity football team put in hard work on Friday, November 6, and beat Golden West, making them return the saddle to its rightful home. On Friday, November 13, all homerooms were invited to come outside and see our champion boys and the saddle make its way around the dip with our senior team captains, Keylan Liles and Matthew DeLeon. The sight of the student body lining the pathway shows how proud we are of our boys and how united we stand for the school accomplishment made that glorious Friday night. You could also hear the excitement from everyone as we cheered for the trophy that is the saddle. After the saddle made its way around, many of us gathered into the dip and in front of the library to just have fun and dance. Thanks to the best DJ out there, Quintin Ruiz, we had plenty of great music to enjoy and celebrate to. All around, you could see students smiling and cheering on Sam Baig as he danced his heart out with the school mascot. The event was filled with nothing but excitement, laughter, smiles, and especially a sense of pride that waved throughout the entire campus all day. The atmosphere is unforgettable. All good vibes rung out. From freshmen to seniors, everyone participated in the excitement and fun during homeroom. Even the staff were enjoying the festive event. It was definitely one for the books.


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