Man Attempting to Walk Across Antarctica


Staff Writer

image (1)The continent of Antarctica is located south of the equator and is made up entirely of ice sheets and snow. Antarctica is larger than both Australia and Europe. The conditions on the continent are very hard for a human to withstand, but there are crazy people out there who push the limits and do it anyway. A british polar explorer named Henry Worsley will try to complete his first unassisted and unsupported traverse of Antarctica all by himself. He is a 55 year old ex army officer and his goal is to be the first man to ever to walk across Antarctica alone without any help. His walk will be 1,200 miles which is the equivalent of walking from North Dakota to Iowa. There have been many people that have tried to accomplish the same goal as Worsley but he makes it clear that they had done it assisted and with company. He tells National Geographic reporters that he wishes to be alone because he wants the matter of success or failure to be on, “His own hands”. Just in case something goes wrong on his 75-80 day expedition, he must call ALE, a medical resource company, every 24 hours where they have a doctor and an airlift ready. He is hopeful he will succeed but he knows he will have bad days out on the ice cap but he has enough self motivation to get him to accomplish this very difficult task.   


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