Bangladesh Child Murders


Staff Writer

abuse-clipart-domesticabuse-clipart-jpgSix sentenced to death for brutal killings following a viral video. The Bangladesh court has handed four men the death sentence over the brutal killing of a 13-year-old boy. It provoked national outrage after the video of the attack went viral.

According to  ABC News “ another two men were ordered to hang for separate torture and murder of another 13-year-old that occurred less than a month later.” Four men were ordered to be hanged after beating Samiul Alam Rajan for stealing a bicycle back in July. Only one man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Rajon in Sylhet on Wednesday.

In the video,  the young child being tied to a post with his hands behind him. He is being beaten with a metal bar, while the other attacker drags him by his hair when he falls down. Another tormentor is being heard in the background laughing while he is cries and begs for mercy.

One attacker who was seen beating Rajan, admitted to stealing the van and everything he had done. He also implies that the group had discussed  posting the video on Facebook so the “whole world can see it.” according to Independent.

After being brutally beaten for 16 minutes, Rajan asked for water and the attackers informed him to drink his own sweat. The untied him and forced him walk, but one of the attackers exclaimed “His bones are apparently intact, beat him more!”

The newspaper also implied that Muhit, Kamrul Islam, 24, Ali Haider, 34, and Monya Miha,45, have been charged with murder. Three of the men are still on the run while another is being questioned.

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