What to Look for in a Teen’s First Car


Staff Writer

As kids start getting older, they start getting to the stage where they want their parents to purchase their first car. Several parents who don’t support their teens with financing the purchase of their first car, still offer advice to their teen as a first starter. Various drivers need different things out of their vehicles. A perfect car for adults may not necessarily be the best choice for a teenager without much experience on the roadways. There are a few factors for teens to consider when looking for their first purchase in a vehicle. Young adults haven’t had enough experience behind the wheel, so it might be best if they don’t drive large cars right away. Drivers between the ages of 16 and 17 are somewhat overrepresented in fatal crashes, according to the NHTS (National Traffic Safety Administration). Most parents want their kids to have the smallest car possible because they feel if their teen drives a large vehicle it may be hard to control. To protect teens and their passengers, it would be safe to purchase a small vehicle so that way it would be easy to handle.

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