Flash Floods


Staff Writer

The last few days have been dangerous for the  American people and the people on the French Riviera. Massive floods have been destroying homes and lives. Many people have been reported dead. Flash floods can be caused by hurricanes, heavy rain, tropical storms, and meltwater from ice or snow.

South Carolina has been affected by these massive flash floods. There are many damages that flash floods cause like, billions of dollars of damage, dams breaking, and rivers that still have not  crested. More than 400,000 state residents were under a boil of water advisory.  More than ten dams have failed and the state  are looking after 35 more just in case they  fail too. At least 15 people have died in South Carolina and two in North Carolina, those are just the recorded deaths there could be more out there.  After the flood, caskets were found floating in the water. Some people left their apartments and when they came back they noticed that they were looted.          

There was also a flood that took place in the French Riviera and about 20 people have been reported dead, and now the clean up starts. Many people helped one another in this tragic flooding. A lot of people from retirement homes drowned and were trapped in tunnels.  Two people  were missing as a result of the flooding. Many people’s homes were damaged and now they have to clean up and start again.

Massive storms hit cities and states leaving them destroyed and needing to be cleaned up in order to open up the roads and people all around are helping one another get better.

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