El Nino


Staff Writer

As you may have seen already, the weather has irregularly popped out of control. After suffering through this drought with no rain or clouds to be seen, October brought us a huge a surprise. After seeing the large amounts of precipitation combine with thunder and lightning, some of us will wonder why.

El Nino is a climate phase that unusually increases temperatures, because of an increase of temperature in ocean water. Countries that lay upon the pacific ocean, that are usually associated with agriculture, are most affected by El Nino. During this climate phase Mexico and the Southwest United States receive higher amounts of rainfall in the winter and cooler temperatures, while the rest of the U.S. can receive less amounts of precipitation and higher temperatures.

Most people from California are excited for the higher amounts of rain, however, many problems can occur with the high amounts of precipitation. These include coastal floods, tsunamis, and flash floods in areas such as the Sacramento area. Mud slides are a huge problem for people who live on hills in southern California because the ground is so dry from all the fires it will create mud and leave them with devastating results. And lastly, sedimentary buildup in reservoirs will lead to water not being able to absorb which will lead to flooding.  

If you check the weather today major precipitation is heading California’s way, however, many of us are not prepared. To help prevent major damage to your home clean your gutters from any blockage, cover up any leakage in your home, and make sure your yard can drain the water that is heading your way. For safety reasons check your car headlights, your car battery, your breaks, and make sure your windshield wipers are strong enough for the rain that can come this way.

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