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unnamed (2)Discrimination is a treatment or consideration of making fun of a person for who they are; even animals get discriminated against.

For instance, race, class, and perceptions of discrimination are made by police officers. According to the Crime & Delinquency page, there has been research that has shown that “Blacks are more likely than Whites to hold unfavorable opinions of criminal justice agencies in America, but the literature has rarely examined whether social class also affects these opinions.” which I agree with personally. Some cops  take it too far and begin to abuse a person(s) by either their race or on their apperances. There has been videos placed on the internet of police officers brutally attacking someone who is already in handcuffs obeying their words. To me, that absolutely makes no sense on why they want to hurt a human who is a different race and is not doing harm to anyone.

Not only police discriminate, but people in general as well.

The way people dress is their way of expressing themselves. Fashion can be an art to that person. People around school who dress like “gang members” automatically are labeled as someone who is not smart and is most likely to end up in jail. Some of those kids are actually really smart and have their future planned out.

I am a Mexican and people assume I speak Spanish. I do not speak Spanish because my mother felt that I needed to know English. Also, when people speak Spanish there is always that one person to say “We are in America, go back to Mexico with that crap.” Those are hurtful words.

I have a few friends who have had a job interview and did not get the job because of their shape, size, and/or looks. They have heard through another person they did not get the job because they are too fat or something that is based on their looks.

Regardless of how many laws are made, discrimination will never be stopped.

Not only do humans get discriminated against, but dogs do too. The two dog breeds that get discriminated the most are Pit bulls and Rottweilers. Those dogs are protective and loving as much as any other dog. Dogs have feelings too and some owners think it is okay to raise them to be harmful to other dogs or even humans. Dog’s personalities are based on the way their owners bring them up. I own three Pit bulls and all three of them are loving and playful dogs who would not hurt a fly. When company comes over they get scared because they are Pit bulls ,but they should not assume they are mean dogs right away.

Discriminating people by their race, age, weight, height, appearance, or any other reason is not okay.

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