Austin, Texas in Destruction


Staff Writer

Hurricane Patricia has been leaving its mark around North America, but one lying beyond was one particular area  the familiar state of Texas in the city of Austin. Considering that Patricia started in the southeastern area of Mexico it gradually made its way to Austin through massive rains. Torrential rain and floods destruction in the area, but caused no deaths in Austin. More than a foot of rain shut down busy highways, and derailed a train in the city. Although for the other parts of Texas it had created a memorial for the more than 30 people who were killed in Texas and nearby Oklahoma. There had been a massive amount of 2,500 cars stranded in Houston, Texas that could not all be helped. One man was reported missing in San Antonio, but he was later found alive after being swept into a flooded drainage as he later explained. Earlier this year Texas spent a dry and hot summer that, despite the effects of the deadly flooding, revived the state from its drought.  The floods  helped Austin firefighters to put out a seven square mile wildfire that has previously destroyed seventy homes to that point in time. Unfortunately along with the pros there comes the cons as a train had also been affected by being derailed due to a creek that became overflowed and washed away from its tracks. Thankfully the crew members swam out safely and avoided any injury.  

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