Teen Shot and Killed


Staff Writer

Deven Guilford, a Michigan teenager was fatally shot by a police officer while stuck in a traffic stop. Guilford was driving near Muliken, Michigan, at around 8:30 p.m when officer Frost drove by, heading in the opposite direction. Guilford flashed his headlights trying to get Frost to dim his headlights. Frost immediately pulled him over. Later, Guilford refused to give Frost his driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance and demanded that Frost give him his badge number. Frost tried to use a taser on Guilfford, but it was ineffective. Guilford then began to attack Frost by punching him in the head, and pinning him to the ground. The officer then shot the victim seven times. Frost ended up going to the hospital with fatal face injuries. A man named Davis said , “The act of forcing Deven out of the car was illegal– an illegal arrest– then forcing Deven to lie down in the snow like it was a felony arrest, when he didn’t have a right to arrest him at all, and then tasering him, just created this escalation, which was entirely generated by the officer and not by Deven. He didn’t do anything wrong” (ABC30 news). Frost believed that Guilford had posed a threat of serious bodily harm or death, and Frost was acting in self defense. The judge of the case had said the accident was tragic for everybody involved. Guilford’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against the officer, as well as the county, calling the stop illegal. The family ended up suing Frost.

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