Rules of Society


Staff Writer

piclab (1)“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

This is true; a person could be not beautiful in society’s eyes but to someone who dives deeper into that person they can find the beauty. Stars are beautiful, skylines are beautiful, flowers are beautiful.

Who cares what society thinks? We are all beautiful, we are all made for something that has nothing to do with how we look or what we wear. Society has given the world a mindset that is poisonous. Art has beauty but society says that it is wrong to love art, and it is not amazing. There are exceptions to this rule and society calls them hipster; society says that if a person likes art they probably roll the cuffs of their jeans up and wear tan loafers and have “hipster” glasses and wear flannels with a band tee-shirt under it. I’m sorry, society, did we ask for what you think just because a person wants to dress nice? No we didn’t! Do not let society take control of you or it will break you.

“What makes you different makes you dangerous.”

When people are different society tries to take your freedom or your hope, do not let them. Your hope and freedom is essential to America it is why we revolted in the first place, for freedom. Never give up and never do what society asks of you.

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