Relay for Life


Staff Writer

unnamedWhat is Relay For Life? The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is an event that is life-changing and gives everyone in communities across the world the opportunity to honor people who are battling cancer, remember loved ones who did not defeat cancer, and fight back against the disease. Relay For Life is an all night event. It begins in the morning and ends the next morning. It is designed this way because cancer never sleeps.

The survivor lap is the first lap, which recognizes those to celebrate their victory against cancer. The Caregiver lap is to honor the person who took care of the cancer patients. During the ceremony, each team is asked to have a person walk the track at all times. The Luminaria lap is one of the emotional laps, to remember those who have passed away from the disease or those who are still fighting it. The luminaria is lit up with bags around the track with pictures and remembrance of their loved ones.

On September 26, 2015, at the Rawhide stadium, EDHS CSF and ASB participated in the event to honor former teacher who we lost from cancer and one who is still battling cancer. During the event, there was so much to do during the night such as zumba, karaoke, dancing, fire entertainment, and much more. There were 51 teams and 717 participants who raised $92,132.94 as a whole. Relay For Life can be life changing to some people. For instance, this year was my first year doing Relay For Life, and it was a great experience. It motivated me to join more organizations that will help save a life. Every year, millions of people around the world join Relay For Life and raise funds to find a cure. Join Relay For Life at and help raise money to save lives.

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