Ralph Lauren Steps Down


Staff Writer

unnamedRalph Lauren is a very famous American designer. Most people know him by his well known brand polo. Ralph Lauren started fashion design when he was very young and still does at the age of 75. He is now stepping down as C.E.O. and giving his job to Stefan Larson. Stefan Larson is a Swedish designer who was a former executive for the famous brand H&M and president of Old Navy. Mr. Lauren stated that he is not abandoning his company all together; he is just stepping down as the head of it. He considers his appointment of Mr. Larson as a “partnership” since Lauren will still be active in the company. Everyone in the fashion world is excited to see what the new partnership will bring to the fashion industry. Two fashion geniuses working together will most definitely bring some fresh new styles to the people of the world. Both of the two fashion designers have made big names for themselves throughout their careers, and they’re not finished yet. The future looks bright for the new and improving Ralph Lauren company. With time and a lot of money, the company will keep its fashion legacy going for the years to come.

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