Gun Control on Campus


Staff Writer

Recently many tragic things have occurred on college campuses across the United States, including ones in : Arizona, California, Oregon, Mississippi, South Dakota, Georgia, Michigan, and plenty of other states across the nation. Many of the shootings have been fatal, causing young lives to end and families to mourn. Many of these tragedies have caused politicians to revise the laws pertaining to gun control and come up with new ones that help to defeat the increasing numbers of death due to tempered students with handguns. In recent times,there has been much debate about whether or not to restrict, allow, or just completely deny people to carry concealed weapons. This month Governor Jerry Brown has made it illegal to carry concealed weapons on any school campuses in the state of California. Hopefully this new law will have an impact on future students of colleges and high schools for the better. Now that it is illegal in California, students will think twice before bringing a murderous weapon onto campuses. As well as making students think twice, this means harsher punishment for those who do bring any guns onto campuses. This will for sure frighten students causing a decrease in future harm to American students trying to get an education. It will be wonderful if other states followed in the footsteps of California to help ensure the safety of many other students nationwide that are trying to get a good education to live life to the fullest. Governor Brown was very smart in making his decision to ban guns on campuses, but in doing so he has split the state: those who are against his decision and wish for more guns to be allowed and those who agree with him and wish for other states to restrict their gun control for the safety of loved ones. Now that no guns are allowed, students won’t fear for their lives if they get into an argument with someone because they would have no idea whether someone has a gun or not. There are many other ways in which you can protect yourself such as using mace and stun guns.

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