Democratic Debate


Staff Writer

October 14, 2015 the Democratic Debate with running candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb all gave excellent reasons to why they deserve to be president. Clinton took first in the debate; she talked about many issues in America today that she strives to change. She claims she has the vision and experience to enforce change, but will she? She almost lost her runner up spot to Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is an independent senator from Vermont, caucuses, he identifies as a democratic socialist and has been in congress for 20 years. The other three candidates did not give a very convincing argument so they came in 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Some great moments of the debate were:

  • Clinton: “Save capitalism from itself”

– She says, “I don’t think we should confuse what we have to do every so often in America, which is save capitalism from itself.”

  • Sanders: “I am not a pacifist”

– Sanders says “ I am not a pacifist, Anderson. I supported the war in Afghanistan. I supported President Clinton’s effort to deal with ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.

There can only be one winner, and one president. Who do you think it’ll be? There was a controversy with a scandal involving Hillary Clinton and Sanders, but it quickly got resolved. I think Clinton will win because she gave valid input on why she should be president.

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