Staff Writer

Everyone is creative in their own way. If this is the case, then why are some people followers? Different people express their creativity in unique ways. Some are great designers, some draw or paint, some are story tellers, some are gifted dancers. The list of things can go on and on. Sculptors, actors and actresses, clothing designers, songwriters, builders, poets, directors. All of these things take a lot of creativity. You don’t see directors and producers simply recreating movies. Each film has it’s own unique story line. However, there are people who prefer to follow people instead of doing their own special thing. Their friend is great at acting, so, they too want to be good at acting. What if they are really great creating music? Then their talent and creativity would be going to waste. Many people claim they “do not have a creative bone in their body”, but this is untrue. Everyone is born with creativity, we just need to find inspiration and do something with that creativity. When your creativity is used, you could make great things that could be useful. Such as Thomas Edison, who invented the lightbulb. It took creativity and intelligence for such a thing to be done. If he had not done this, who would have? We sometimes get scared of rejection, so we let the fear keep our creativity inside. Then we just keep our creativity locked up, caged like an animal waiting to be expressed.


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