Can Technology Get Any Better?


Staff Writer
unnamedThe goal that seems to motivate the human race is “how can we make it better?” This applies to everything in our daily lives; the more interesting of the bunch is how in the future we will advance in our technologies. We have come from horse drawn carriages to automobiles that can go over 200 mile per hour within the time of course, but the 21 first century seemed to have hit the limit to how far we are able to go in technology, because  many ideas have been used and people are more enlightened than before. Scientists are slowly even starting to make robotic prosthetics and even our everyday items like the Iphone is so advanced that when we first sent the man to the moon all the equipment and computers that was used to launch the spaceship is equivalent to all the things the Iphone can do. On that note scientist have also worked on ways to grow back lost limbs to amputees. It is like our reality is slowly becoming like of which a futuristic fantasy that many people had in the 80’s or even in the early 20’s. In our future, will we be seeing flying cars? Maybe, we will even have chips in our brain that does everything or phones once did, the limit that maybe be coming, and we will probably never know how close it is till we hit it ourselves because even things that seem endless can be interrupted by a rude and unexpected ending. Though the possibility that our technology is hitting it’s max is becoming more and more real, breakthroughs that are not known to the public yet may be at hand and open a whole new door for us as a human race to advance in or maybe once we hit the tippy top of our advancement we will be able to fix our focus on other pressing matters like world hunger and world peace. As our future advances, maybe the newer generations to come will keep trying to set the bar on our advances in science regardless of the odds that they are faced with maybe newer and more imaginative minds our what we need to keep advancement strong and growing.              

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