Breast Cancer Awareness


Staff Writer

October is the month that we raise awareness for Breast Cancer. A lot of people go and buy T-shirts and wear a pink ribbon, but is that all you can do?  

Many of the breast cancer survivors don’t like to think  back at what they went through, and with all that pink they can’t forget. Even though the fundraising is great, people say that that is  not the only thing that they can do, and they can do more than  just buy. You can help by encouraging women in their forties into getting mammograms , also by organizing an event to talk about the cancer and how they could get a checkup every two years.  You can also get involved, host a walk, give out booklets about the cancer, and distribute materials.

There is a lot of money raised to help out, and many people get involved. You can donate and give hope to the people suffering with this disease.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, other than skin cancer. Many women survive by catching it early and getting treatment for it.  From now until October 31st, every pink ribbon bagel sold at Panera will count for donation to Cleveland Clinic.

Many families have people that have had breast cancer and are making it noticeable.

They are getting the attention, so that there will be more research done to try to stop this killer. There are a lot of survivors of this disease, and there can be plenty more if there is more attention.

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