Box Trolls


Staff Writer

Good news people, Netflix has some pretty good movies on for the Halloween spirit. Netflix has recently added some Halloween themed movies, one including Box trolls. Box Trolls is about a town deadly afraid of these little thumb like trolls that wear and hide in boxes. The king of the town has ordered a man to get rid of all box trolls, and in return receive a fancy white hat that will allow the exterminator a higher rank in society and the opportunity to eat cheese with the other fellow members with white fancy hats. We soon discover that a little boy is living with the boxtrolls and in some ways acts like them. Spoiler alert: In the end the box trolls escape the exterminator and live peacefully among the people without fear of the exterminator because he blew up due to his allergies of cheese. This movie is a bit on the childish side but, it is very enjoyable. The characters resemble a bit of the infamous characters from Tim Burton movies in the way they’re shaped. It is perfect for the days leading up to Halloween because you get that eery feel from the trolls the villains and the great animation that allows the audience to feel as if the movie has some reality to it. The audience also falls in love with the box trolls because we soon discover that they mean no harm or fear. In this case, they are just inventors looking for parts to take underground with them so that they can keep on building. This movie is perfect to just mindlessly watch to start getting into the Halloween spirit without having to watch some gory, terrifying movie; those are for the days closer to Halloween. If you like eerie movies that do not cause much fright and sometimes cute, or classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus tune into ABC family for their 13 nights of Halloween special.

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