Asteroids Mining: Is it Safe?


Staff Writer

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Just recently, Chris Lewicki talks to CNN news about how we, as the human race, can launch ourselves farther into space by building gas stations for the rockets, so to speak. Where would the fuel come from you ask? Well, Lewicki is hunting for asteroids with water on or inside of it so they can use the energy from the sun to split water into liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen that will then be turned into rocket fuel, giving us the small idea or hope of going farther into the darkness of space by the use of space gas stations. Also, most asteroids in space have very valuable metals and other resources found on Earth that we can use for building or other uses without wasting away our own planet’s resources. As amazing and full proof this may sound, how safe is asteroid mining in the first place? Many numbers of accidents can and will happen, for we have seen it happen on Earth as well, some of these accidents like tunnels collapsing, explosions from gas pockets deep underground, suffocation, and digging in the wrong spot and falling to your death, not to mention the unknown and new accidents that are to come with this asteroid mining for it is a new ground of mining and new equipment will also be used. Do we as a human race really need more fatalities than we already have? Next thing you know people will start trying to own planets causing more of a pandemic. Even the rocket trying to port to refuel will be a very hazardous and dangerous job because you are dealing with very flammable gasses and a rocket that comes towards the asteroid and tremounds speeds it is just an accident waiting to happen. If there were more safety precautions placed towards this project, it would seem bette,r especially if it was a global effort, but with the terrorist known as ISIS wreaking havoc and the United States and Russia having tensions with one another, I do not see a project like this leaving the blueprints anytime soon.

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