School is Overwhelming


Staff Writer

Is school really overwhelming people? School stresses people out for many reasons. First, kids will stay up late trying to complete their homework, or studying for a test the next day. That is the reason why most kids fall asleep in class, they do not get enough time to sleep. Most kids will vanish or not show up for exams or tests because they are nervous about what the results will be. Next, somebody could have straight A’s and fail one thing and freak out about their grade. Even though they have great grades, they will still panic. Also, nobody likes waking up at 7, maybe even 6 o’clock, for school. We already have to stay at school for 7-8 hours. Nobody likes staying at school for that long. If kids get bullied at school, that is even more pressure for them. Keeping up their grade, and avoiding the bully while at school is challenging. Teachers give out way too much home/school work. They think it is easy because we will only have homework for that class. But really, we have at least 3 pages of homework for each class. The classwork they give out is outrageous. They give you all kinds of homework and expect you not to be overwhelmed. They give out at least 4 papers of schoolwork, and expect you to do it in 15 minutes. It is a good thing that teachers are trying to help us out, but they are also overwhelming us. Some people are even stressed about their appearance because they do not want anybody judging them by what they look like, even if they are confident in themself, they only care about other people’s opinions, not their own. All in all, school is very overwhelming for all students, even straight A students.

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