Paris Bans Cars for a Day


Staff Writer

On September 27, 2015, Paris banned cars for a day.  The day without cars is a campaign against pollution. The city is doing this because they are trying to clean up their air even adding policies to help clean it up.  It also raises awareness.

 When they decided to ban the vehicles the people then got their bikes and scooters and other things to use as their transportation.  There was more room for tourists to visit the places they wanted to without there being traffic to stop or delay them. In the large cities pollution is the main reason for people’s health being at risk.       

The good thing about this is that the people would not  have to wait for traffic and be late to work. The cars were banned from the large parts of Paris. You could  see that many people were riding bikes or walking and enjoying a vehicle free day, there were some exceptions like buses, taxis, and emergency vehicles. This shows that people are not afraid to live without cars to get around to anywhere.

This is a big step to trying to help with pollution, even something little can be really effective. Paris is a really big city and for them to make a big move is going to help the peoples health and the environment even if it is  something not as big as it could be.  There are a lot of before and after photos taken to show the change that banning carts made on the streets of Paris. The people got to experience the breath taking city without motorized vehicles.

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