Mandatory Weightlifting: Maybe It’s Not the Best Idea


Staff Writer

FullSizeRenderMany athletes across the US participate in weightlifting as a form of training and conditioning for their sport. Though it can be beneficial in helping an athlete’s performance, it should not be made mandatory for students to have to participate in a physical education weight lifting class. Yes it has its upsides, but it also has many drawbacks.

Athletes risk of injury is increased when participating in weightlifting. Having multiple students in one room moving heavy equipment is a high chance of someone not paying attention and dropping a forty five pound plate on someone else’s foot.

Though it is favorable to lift weights because athletes can build muscle and coaches can stack up their teams, students are over working their muscles. The constant agony of the repetition puts a lot of strain on their bodies. Constant soreness doesn’t allow athletes to reach their full potential. You could argue that the mandatory lifting class is contradicting to its intent; hurting instead of helping its athletes.

Weight lifting classes are not fit to every athlete’s needs. There is a diversity in athletes in schools, so that means you will have multiple different types of workouts beneficial to the athlete. It would be more ideal for physical education classes to help build what’s necessary for your sport rather than seeing who can lift the most weight.

Weight lifting leaves the possibility of stretch marks. Though building up strength is ideal for your youth, as age comes it will be difficult to lift. Your body will slowly start to fall apart and sagging stretch marks will replace your once prideful abs.

Most of the freshman class is still at a young age. Their pre-pubescent bodies are still developing. Weight lifting is screwing up the process and their bodies don’t need to be put through that torment.

Though weight lifting has its benefits, like building muscle and stacking up teams, it also has many disadvantages. Over-working muscles, constant soreness and risk of injury is never favorable in any athlete’s career and all this can be prevented by making weightlifting physical education classes non-mandatory.

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