Does Being Bullied as a Kid Prepare You for Parenthood?


Staff Writer

IMG_2562S.E. Cupp was a victim in bullying. She is currently a political commentator for CNN. In her article,”I was the unpopular kid. Now I’m a parent. Here’s what I learned.”, she states how as a kid she moved to many different schools. She states how she never had a hard time making friends every time she moved to a different school.

At the age of thirteen, Cupp moved schools in the middle of the year. She states in her article when coming to this new school it was “different” making friends. She says how “The girls had long-formed cliques. The boys were in the middle of puberty and couldn’t decide if they wanted to pull your hair or ask you out”. She also states how going to school for the four months she was there was the worst.

Cupp says that she would buy clothes and shoes that looked like everyone else’s just to fit in. She says the reason behind her actions in purchasing clothing as the same as anyone else’s was, “It’s why I tried to befriend the popular girls who then turned on me in the cafeteria and threatened to beat me up after school”. From experiencing similar actions like her; wanting to just fit in is hard. It’s hard making friends, especially when moving to a new school or if you are just really quiet and don’t know how to communicate with people.

Cupp now is a mother of a ten month old son. She says how she doesn’t know how her son will be when he becomes thirteen. Cupp says she talks with her husband, wanting for her son to be “socially-adept”, meaning she wants her son to be good at something that way he can make friends and people will like him. However, she also states that she wants to “raise a child who is happy, comfortable, confident and secure, so he knows he is loved and accepted for who he is, regardless of anyone he meets who disagrees”.

In the end, Cupp ends her article by telling what she would say to her thirteen year old self and her 13 year old son that “it wouldn’t necessarily be that it gets better — adulthood is hard and people are still jerks. It’s that you will get better. Better at coping. Better at not caring. Better at negotiating these challenges. Better at loving yourself. Put most simply, better at being you”. This article means a lot  when reading it. Being able to relate to an article like this is rare, and especially enjoying an article is also rare as well.

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