Woman Shot By Deputies


Staff Writer

It started with a phone call stating a family had been threatened with a handgun. The Tulare County deputies stepped in at 9:22 a.m. First they contacted the family and discovered they had been threatened by Nova Edgar, a woman in their family at the age of 82. As the deputies spoke with Edgar’s family, Edgar showed up with the handgun and began to make threats. The family was then rushed away from Edgar. Once the family was safe, the deputies started to negotiate with Edgar. They used microphones and a robot whilst negotiating with her for the next three hours. Edgar exited whilst the robot was being set up then returned with the handgun. She was then shot by both deputies in the right arm, and rushed to Kaweah Delta Medical Center. Sheriff Mike Boudreax claims the deputies were forced to use their weapons, but she is currently fine. The wound in her upper right arm was luckily a minor one. Edgar is expected to make a full recovery. However, the sheriff may see his deputies’  actions as reasonable, but Edgar’s family does not.  There have been previous events where the deputies have been called by Edgar’s family, but it never got as serious as the standoff. Edgar’s granddaughter even stopped her car across from the media staging area and yelled her claim that Edgar should not have been shot and only was because the deputies were scared.


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