Why You Should Not Fix Your Bed in the Morning

Anayanze Rodriguez

Staff Writer

It sounds wrong, but  leaving your bed a mess is a good thing. Perhaps all our excuses for not making our bed could come down to this excuse that feels like you’ve just outsmarted yourself over something so simple. For years we’ve been taught to stay clean, but some studies have discovered reasonable results on how a messy bed could be better for your health.

In all of our beds, around almost 1.5 million dust mites are found roaming around and eating our dry, dead skin cells, which we are constantly loosing throughout our sleep. Although they are as natural as decomposers who eat dead organisms, they are known for causing sickness and allergies reactions that most people never knew they had. They’ll cause asthma and allergies like coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes.  They’re still there despite the fact that they are not visible.

Who came up with this nonsense? The 2006 study from a team at Kingston University in England perhaps sounds unfamiliar since we are in a whole other country, the United States. They announced their claim being that at night while we sleep and undo our neatly made beds, the humidity and warm temperature between our covers is the cause to certain sickness .

So far the research team at Kingston University has gone as far as to proving small facts on why this occurs. It is because dust mites take in water from the atmosphere through their glands to breath and survive. When our beds are made in the morning we are trapping all the moisture between our sheets keeping mites alive. Leaving your bed a mess or opening up your sheets reduces the moisture and causes dust mites to dehydrate and then die.

Although, not everyone is convinced by these results since the climate in the United Kingdom is not the same as to the tropical areas. The British Society for allergy and clinical Immunology is hoping to soon continue to prove this claim.




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