Underground Rapper Phora Shot

by Aileen Sanchez

Staff Writer

Phora is a twenty two year old underground hip-hop rapper and west coast rap artist. He first started rapping at the age seven with his father.

Early Tuesday morning on August 25,2015, the rapper Phora was driving with his girlfriend on the 210 freeway in Pasadena, California. He was headed home with his girlfriend to Corona. They were both minding their own business talking about their future with one another. Phora had seen a silver car through his rear mirror. That same silver car pulled up next to him near Lake Avenue, striking three shots into Phora’s BMW. He lost control of the vehicle serving off the freeway, checking if his girlfriend Dezy had got shot or injured. All he had saw was her struggling to get her cellphone to call the police. The couple had told the authorities that they did not know why someone would want to hurt them.

An ambulance had transported the rapper to a nearby hospital where he was treated. He was listed as being in stable condition. The bullet traveled from his shoulder through his neck towards the back of his head. He was shot by a .45 and the bullet had struck him in the back of his head and neck just missing his spinal cord. That could of caused paralysis or death.  

It is still unclear if the underground rapper was targeted or if the shooting was random. Phora had believed the unknown men were trying to kill him. No arrests have been made.


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