Student Arrested for Science Project


Staff Writer

A science project, as we all know, is a fun way to show off our homemade volcanoes but for one  freshman student at a Texas high school he was punished for his homemade clock. The student Ahmed Mohamed is a bright 14 year old student who excels in science, and for the class science fair he had brought a working clock he had made in his home. He came to school with pride and joy for the job well done on his clock but only to be quickly put down because one administrator had the wrong impression. One of the teachers, thinking it was a bomb, had called the police and had the student arrested on school grounds causing a panic. Although the teacher had not said there was reason to believe it was a terrorist attack due to the racial background of the student. Not only was the student arrested but he was also charged with making and having a faux bomb. The traumatic experience had Ahmed’s spirits crushed but in days following his arrest and charge, the president of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, had invited him to the white house in an attempt to apologize on the behalf of the police force and congratulate him for academic excellence. The story has caused quite a controversy leaving some thinking it was wrong for causing such a traumatic experience to a boy who deserves to be praised for his achievements. While others believe that it was the right precaution to take for the safety of other students and faculty in the building especially after the tragic events that have been caused by terrorists of the similar race to the boy. Now we have security checks at airports and other public overwhelmed places to keep people safe. But the question is when does security cross the line? Hopefully in the future we can appreciate and enjoy the intelligence of young students rather than be afraid and make them feel bad for what they have accomplished for they are the people that could one day cure cancer.    

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