Pollution Worsening Air Quality


Staff Writer

As time goes by and cars are driven, air pollution worsens by the day, regardless of our numerous attempts. Through these attempts, many scientist have found alternate ways to help ease pollution such as fully electrical cars, riding bikes, and even just carpooling. As we slowly start to pin this global dilemma to the corner, it leaves us with one question: what will we do with the pollution already into the air? In places like the valley, which are shaped in a bowl so to speak, the pollution settles and the breeze is not able to blow it out of the area such as the coastal regions or plains due to the mountains. So what will we do with the surrounding pollution you ask? One solution could be wait for rain to clear the air but given our current drought that may not happen anytime soon so not only is stopping the pollution a problem but getting rid of the side effect, though this idea seems the best not everyone has rain like how California is in and has been in a rather very dangerous drought the last couple of years.   


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