Pokemon Go


Staff Writer

Nintendo has been coming out with many products, but this time they’ve gone big. Pokemon Go is an app that’s going to come out in 2016. What’s it about? How do you use it?  

Pokemon Go is the next big step for Nintendo. To collect Pokemon you travel to different places in the real world, which you wouldn’t be stuck at home sitting there and just collecting the Pokemon easily. You will also be able to battle your Pokemon with others and raise them. The thought that they are spending a lot of hours to get this new, never seen before Pokemon game on the app store. Many people are excited for this product because this is not like any other Pokemon game you come across.

They are also coming out with the Pokemon Go Plus, which is just a bracelet that would vibrate when you are near a Pokemon or a place in the Pokemon Go app.  No price has been set for the Pokemon Go Plus. They developed this because Nintendo was concerned about people looking at their phone all day. The Pokemon Go plus is basically a Nintendo smart watch built with bluetooth giving you a perspective of Pokemon Go app. It is meant to make the whole experience go smoother.

It can also be clipped onto clothing, like a shirt or jacket.  

  Pokemon customers are very excited for this new product and can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

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