One Person is Dead After a Shooting by Downtown Visalia


Staff Writer

One person is dead after a shooting by Downtown Visalia. He was shot as he was walking on the sidewalk near Downtown Visalia. It actually happened outside a home on Highland street, near Houston street. At first, the Police got a call about assault with a deadly weapon just before 6pm on Thursday the 24th. When they arrived on the scene, they found a man dead from a gunshot wound. Police say there are initial reports that there was a man seen leaving the area after the shooting. The violent crime unit were there for over three hours after the shooting, asking the neighbors and anybody else  if they knew what happened. They are hoping someone will come forward with some useful information. Lieutenant Amy Watkins with the Visalia Police Department stated, “one thing I’ve noticed in these neighborhoods is there’s a lot of pride, so if subjects will come forward, it would be in this neighborhood, so hopefully we will get some good information and we can do our jobs.” Police have not discovered if the incident was gang-related, and they are not identifying the victim at this point. This is Visalia’s fifth homicide of the year, but overall Police say violent crime is down all across the city.


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