Gunmen Abduction

by Aileen Sanchez

Staff Writer

A gunmen abducted three foreign tourists, and local from southern Philippines resort. Two Canadian tourists, a Norwegian resort manager and a Filipino women have been kidnapped by a unidentified gunmen who is from a popular resort island in the southern Philippines. The country’s Navy had sent out three ships to look for the victims.

The incident had reportedly taken place late Monday night. The armed men stormed near Davao City, which happens to be the largest city on Mindanao Island. Two Japanese tourists at the resort tried to intervene but had failed to save the four people that were taken hostage. About thirty foreign tourists were at the resort during the time of the incident. It had appeared that the foreigners were the targets; they were not taken at random.  The gunmen had escaped with the four hostages in a boat and had fled toward the mainland of Mindanao. The three navy ships were on the lookout for the gunmen’s boat. In southeastern Mindanao the forces on the ground had been alerted. A naval blockade had been set up around Samal Island to stop the boat from rea

ching Basilan Island, located farther to the southwest where Abu Sayyaf militants have strongholds of hostages while negotiating ransoms. Militants have previously attacked parts of the Philippines and have targeted foreign tourists on several occasions. The hostages were dragged into a speedboat.

The Abu Sayyaf was recently declared a terrorist group by a Philippine court. It has been on the U.S. Department of State’s list of terror organizations. The abduction has been a recurring problem in the region for many years.


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